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  • Polyethylene or polythene bags have become persistent threat to environment.The pollution caused by all pervasive polyethylene based packing material is having inadvertent impact on nature. Plastic and polyethylene takes about 200-300 years to decompose on its own.The efforts to recycle plastic by collection and segregation are tedious and costly. Indian Government banned single use plastic bags w.e.f 02 October 2022.
  • M/s S.B. Biopacks raised our hands against the plastic waste and Started In 2024, Is A Leading manufacturing and supplying unit of 100% Biodegradable/Compostable Carry Bags (W- Cut) (D-Cut) , Grocery Bags,Pouches and Garbage Bags, certified by Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB) and manufactures as per IS/ISO 17088. It takes maximum 180 days to degrade or decompose naturally when exposed to the environmental factors like rain, sunlight ,Soil etc..
  • Starch/PBAT/ PLA granules and food grade filler (CPCB and CIPET Certified) is one of major sources in the development of 100% biodegradable/Compostable products and it can be produced by the fermentation of renewable sources such as Corn,Cassava,Potato and sugarcane.
  • Biodegradable/Compostable bag is also 30% cheaper as compared to polyethylene bag of 120 micron or more size, Biodegredable/Compostable bags can be made of 20 micron onwards of any size, Lower the thickness more number of bags can be produced, The bags can be made of less micron size as there is no restriction, Also with increased scale of production the cost will come down.
  • S.B. Biopacks Bags can be used for daily basis chores and can be used by the shopkeepers, clothing stores, showrooms across all market places.

We are leading Biodegradable Carry Bags Manufactures in India. They can be used in the households as well as factories, hotels and companies making it very convenient to use and handle your daily waste and step towards a clean, clear and a healthy environment. We request and encourage you to do the same by using these certified compostable products!!

Our Products

S.B.Biopacks Bags takes maximum 180 days to degrade or decomposed naturally when exposed to the environmental factors soil,rain, sunlight etc ..

Carry Bags
D-Cut Bags
Pouch Bags
Grocery Bags
Garbage Bags

Get Complete Packaging And printing Solutions

Our  Biodegradable& Compostable  all types of carry bags  are Printable in multiple colors choice available as per customized  requirement. 

Why Use Compostable Plastic ?

Degradation Time

Average degradation time of S.B.Biopacks products are 60 days to 180 days.


S.B.Biopacks products do not generate any toxic element after degradation.

Carbon Footprint

S.B.Biopacks products have lesser ecological footprint than paper and plastic, which helps in climate change mitigation.

Less Energy & Water Usage

S.B.Biopacks products use less water and less energy in production in comparison with plastic and paper.

Financial Benefit

Reduces waste management cost to municipality and reduce land usage.

Sustainable & Ecofriendly

S.B.Biopacks products are 100% Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative of plastic.

S.B. Biopacks
We are a leading Manufacturer of Compostable products in India, offer bags and packaging solutions . We are also known for Best Compostable Bags manufactures in India. Our products are made from natural materials, such as cornstarch and sugarcane, that can be degrade or decompose naturally when exposed to the environmental factors like rain, sunlight ,Soil etc..
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( Founder )
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